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About T Fuller Construction

T Fuller Construction, Inc. has two generations of experience in the construction industry. Over 95% of our business has been insurance claims. We are insurance specialists, utilizing the same estimating software that all major insurance companies use to provide you, the homeowner, an assessment of loss. T Fuller Construction can handle your insurance claim by meeting with your insurance adjuster at your home to ensure that all the damage sustained is covered. This meeting provides us with an opportunity to restore your home to its original condition as quickly as possible.

Aren’t sure if your home or property has hail damage? Call T Fuller Construction, Inc. for a FREE roof and exterior inspection before filing an unnecessary claim again your policy. We are here to serve you in an honest and professional manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If hail is accompanied by high winds, or lasts more than a few minutes, even small-sized hail can damage your roof or cause shingles to have loss of their protective granules. Sometimes these damages do not show up quickly or can be easily overlooked. Loss of granule layers on your shingles can greatly shorten the life of your roof. You should have it inspected by an experienced roofing contractors.

We will meet with the insurance adjuster to ensure nothing was overlooked during the inspection. Our estimators are professionally trained to look for storm damage and have the ability to help negotiate the proper claim settlement. We know what it takes to complete the roofing project and will be sure the settlement includes everything needed to restore your home to pre-storm condition.

For storm and insurance claims we are happy to inspect your roof for free, with hopes of completing the work. Our estimators will be out to your address within one to two business days (weather permitting) of initial contact to do a thorough inspection of your roof. You will then be given an evaluation and inspection to save you from making an unnecessary claim against your policy.  This will vary by insurance company, but typically you can file a claim up to 12 to 24 months after the damage occurs. Contact your insurance agent for more information about this time period.

No, your decision should be based on hiring roofing contractors that you feel most comfortable with and whom you feel will perform the best work. The insurance company will allow up to a certain amount, but they will only pay up to the amount on the invoice. For instance, your insurance allowance may be $5,000. You received bids from two different roofing contractors, one is for $4,000 and one is for $4,600. The insurance company will only pay the amount that is invoiced by the contractor you choose. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when reviewing the estimates. There is probably a good reason if there is a large cost difference (quality of materials, experienced roofing crew, workmanship warranty, etc.).

If our estimate exceeds what the insurance adjuster quoted, it is typically because the adjuster overlooked something in their inspection. Our estimators are highly trained and experienced, and in almost all cases we can work out the difference with the insurance company by submitting documentation of the additional damage we have assessed.

Yes, once you sign a contract with us, you will not have to deal with the insurance company. We, as insurance specialists, will handle any necessary contact with the insurance company from that point. All you have to do is sit back and relax and know that your home or property is being restored to its original state and that everything is being handled with the insurance company.